Rapid | Attack | Simulation | PenTest
A revolutionary PenTest methodology that provides third-party assurance at an unprecedented price.

In today’s digital age, every organization that engages in cyber activity is at risk of an attack – and the maritime industry is no exception. Powered by Ra Security, the RASP™ allows Epsco-Ra to use remote access to perform and deliver our fastest and most cost-effective PenTest analysis ever.

What We Do

Analyze your system to identify critical vulnerability points and security weaknesses within your network.

Highlight the most important weaknesses and deficiencies to guide remediation efforts in order of priority.

Use simulated malware to determine whether an outsider could have the ability to access and control your network and devices.

Score the protective benefit of your existing controls and provide measures for their improvement potential.

What You Get

A repeatable quantitative security score.

Protective benefit provided by existing controls.

Improvement potential of existing controls.

Specific recommendations for improvement.

Are You Ready? What’s Your RASP™ Score?

Understanding the protective benefit of your security controls is vital if you are looking to improve your organization’s security. The RASP™ is perfect for:

  • Managers and owners looking to gain a deeper understanding of their security measures,
  • Organizations aiming to develop improvement protocols for their vessels,
  • Or anyone looking to analyze their security environment to better allocate resources to prominent areas of weakness.

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