The most detailed and comprehensive security plan is useless if it doesn’t work. Work with EPSCO-Ra to test the efficacy of your security plan so that you can address any deficiencies and strengthen your system – before it’s too late.

Rapid Attack Simulation PenTest (RASP™)

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A revolutionary method of remote vessel penetration testing, the RASP offers unparalleled insight at an unprecedented price.

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Vulnerability Scans

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The first step in identifying potential areas of compromise, a vulnerability scan provides a regular overview of your network hosts to identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

Enterprise Penetration Testing

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Basic scans can be helpful in pointing out vulnerabilities in your system, but the only way to determine how your enterprise can withstand an attack is to put it to the test. Our enterprise penetration testing service puts your system to the test to give you a clear picture of where your weaknesses lie.

Remote Security Testing

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Some situations require an attack simulation, even if there aren’t enough resources for a full penetration test. A remote assessment provides the necessary information to understand how your system responds to an attack simulation, without all of the bells and whistles of a full penetration test.

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