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Aligning your security practices to support what matters most: Your Business.

Ensuring that your organization’s security activities are not only effective, but comply with the necessary rules and regulations of your industry, is no simple task. Epsco-Ra’s Governance services provide you with the expert guidance you need and the peace of mind that you deserve.


Is your business ready to face the cybersecurity risks of operating in a digital age? The Epsco-Ra Cyber Readiness service reviews your risk-management process, systems, and controls to identify exposures and provide practical solutions to harden your cybersecurity process and meet business and regulatory requirements.

Cyber Assessment & Attestation

As an independent third-party assessment of your cybersecurity risk-management process, the Epsco-Ra Cyber Assessment will audit your risk-management process and supporting systems and render an opinion on your cybersecurity efforts to your Board of Directors, senior management, and other key stakeholders. Our attestation services range from an opinion on specific management defined objectives to a formal SOC for Cyber Report meeting AICPA attestation requirements.


The additional regulations and controls that public companies must comply with are plentiful and often place great burden on all facets of an organization. Working with Epsco-Ra for your IPO readiness will ensure that your compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is handled by true experts in the field.


GDPR compliance is essential for any organization conducting business with the EU, and any failure to comply can be costly. Epsco-Ra will analyze your policies, procedures, processes, and controls to ensure that they align with GDPR and other privacy regulations.


Do you need certainty that your Information Technology policies, procedures, activities, and controls both mitigate the risk environment your entity faces and will stand up to outside/3rd party scrutiny? Epsco-Ra evaluates your current IT activities, processes, and controls against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to identify gaps and work with your team to implement solutions to address the gaps over your timeline.

ISO 27001

Do you process or store client data and need to provide assurances that their data is secure? Epsco-Ra evaluates your risk assessment practices against the ISO requirements to achieve a compliant risk assessment process. We then assess your IT Governance including the implementation of an IT Governance Framework (e.g., NIST, COBIT 5) to identify gaps and work with your team to implement solutions to address the gaps over your timeline. Finally, we develop control testing plans with your team consistent with the ISO 27001 requirements to ensure you are ready for ISO certification.

Your business is multifaceted… Why aren’t your security policies?

Make Cyber Security Your Top Priority

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