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The maritime cyber security service provider you need to strengthen your network, monitor for intrusions, and protect your data from attack.

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Managed Security

Constant vigilance is key to protect your company from a cyber attack. EPSCO-Ra’s suite of Managed Services ensures that you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of maritime cyber security.

Security Testing

If you have a security plan and equipment in place to protect your network in the event of an attack, the next step is to test your system. EPSCO-Ra’s Security Testing offerings put your system through the ringer to identify gaps and vulnerabilities before it’s too late.


If you need expertise for an upcoming project, or assistance in analyzing and cleaning up after an incident, EPSCO-Ra’s Consulting Services are here to help.


Developing an effective cybersecurity risk-management process is about more than implementing a few systems and calling it a day. Epsco-Ra’s Governance services subject your processes and controls to rigorous examination in order to ensure your policies are sufficient.

Selecting a maritime cyber security service provider is a big decision for any organization. We’re here to help answer your questions, ease your concerns, and guide you towards a more secure business today.

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