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The SolarWinds SUNBURST Attack: What You Need to Know

When hearing about a new malware (like the SolarWinds SUNBURST) or experiencing an attack of your own, your first thought may be to implement new signatures specific to the attack. While this is a natural instinct, it may not be as foolproof as you’d like to believe.

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U.S. to impose tough Port State Control measures on cyber risk management

USCG will include cyber risk assessment in their PSC inspection post 1 January 2021. If objective evidence is found that the ship has failed to implement its SMS with respect to cyber risk management, the following actions may be taken by the PSCO:

A Changing World for Maritime Cyber Security: Why Vessel Penetration Testing is a Vital Practice

Maritime cybersecurity is finally getting the attention that it deserves – and we couldn’t be happier. As members of the industry face the challenges of operating in a digital world, we begin to see the rise of different guidelines and recommendations for how to protect your on-board data. Here at Epsco-Ra...

Potential Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Onboard Commercial Vessels

Maintaining effective cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, but is rather a fundamental operational imperative in the 21st century maritime environment. The Coast Guard therefore strongly encourages all vessel and facility owners and operators to conduct cybersecurity assessments to better understand the extent of their cyber vulnerabilities. Read the full article on LinkedIn!

9th Annual Capital Link

We were so thrilled to participate in the 9th Annual Capital Link Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum this week. Enjoy the photo highlights from the event!

Cyber Security Case Study

Vulnerability Management Case Study

Film: Code 2600

Gideon Lenkey – Featured in Code 2600

Global Cyber-Attack Hits Maersk

Gray Hat Hacking

The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook – Gideon Lenkey

Outsourcing is the Best Defense Against Cyber Attack

Read More – Tanker Shipping & Trade, April/May 2016 – Gideon Lenkey

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