Managed Security

Next Generation Cybersecurity Management 

Agent based and cloud hosted with robust endpoint analysis features, flexible automated response capabilities. RaEDR provides NextGen Cyber Security.

RaEDR leads the way in a new approach to keeping your network secure and mitigating security risks Scanning of areas that are not always visible.  Secure portal access with customizable dashboards provides visuals to RaEDR’s rigorous data collection, extensive log analysis and comprehensive threat management of IT and OT.  Be secure with customized alerting (including ticketing integration) Flexible automated response capabilities intelligent reaction to threat detection.

With secure access to the RaEDR dashboards, our clients are provided with ongoing monitoring by our expert team with instructional notifications and alerts supplied to maintain maximum protection to their systems and networks. Our RaEDR service includes periodical consultation with your IT Teams, back-end advice/support on IT security and incident response analytics support.

Bespoke protection solutions for more extensive installations/data collection and monitoring requirements can be designed by our team on consultation.

Security Event Data

RaEDR’s Security Event Monitoring capabilities include agent monitored windows event channels, integration with Sysmon and Windows defender, customization for high severity alert management, as well as remote management and response.

Vulnerability Management

RaEDR helps you gain insight and understanding by maintaining an installed software inventory, detecting vulnerabilities in non-network connected software, supporting CVE and CWE vulnerability data sources, allowing special alert configuration, and offering customizable vulnerability assessment frequency. 

Security Configuration Management

RaEDR’s Security Configuration Management offerings include agent based security configuration assessment protocol, CIS benchmark assessment criteria with a CIS Level 1 default benchmark, customizable configuration policies, and a manual override feature to apply exceptions on the back end. 

Robust Compliance

Compliance features include configurable control evidence for audit across HIPPA, GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, and CCPA Regulations.

Security Operations Centre Support

Epsco-Ra’s Security Operations Centre based in the US monitors and alerts on critical vulnerabilities and dangerous exploits to provide critical protection to your infrastructure.  We don’t just provide you with a cutting edge intelligent threat management solution, but also with a back-end cyber support team.


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