Security Testing

Quantitative Scoring • Threat Matrix • Endpoint Configuration Analysis • Firewall Capability Assessment • Network Vulnerability Assessment • Malware & Command and • Control Simulation • Can be Completed in One Business Day

Introducing RASP (Rapid Attack Simulation PentTest), a revolutionary new way to Pen Test

RASP is not your average PenTest . Our unique method of rapid attack simulation allows us to gather a whole host of information from your network and systems faster than ever before. We take a deep dive into your critical security measures to test for a myriad of common deficiencies such as poor password management, inadequate firewall configuration, and so much more. Once we’re finished you get a report card detailing how well your security measures are performing in multiple categories, complete with a guide for how to improve. Say goodbye to long wait times and hard to interpret test results. RASP is easy to understand and best of all fast, getting you the results you need to better protect your network in a matter of days.

The Process
  • We complete a series of tests and scans to analyze your security weaknesses and identify critical vulnerability points within your network. 
  • Highlight the most important and critical weaknesses to ensure that network remediation efforts are prioritized and addressed appropriately. 
  • Assess whether malware can be installed and take control of your devices or network. 
  • And more!

The Result

  • A repeatable quantitative security score
  • protective benefit provided by existing controls
  • Improvement potential of existing controls
  • Specific recommendations for improvement

RASP is your very first step in determining your security posture! When compared to traditional PenTests which can take several weeks RASP is super lightweight and able to provide rapid results. Scheduling is no longer an issue as RASP can be performed remotely.  RASP is a fraction of the cost of traditional penetration tests.


Epsco Ra can also quote for Red, Blue and Purple Team Penetration Testing after consultation.  Please use the contact form (or call us +357 25733091) to enquire about RASP or any other form of Penetration Testing.